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LED Lights

Shop for Bajaj LED Lights Online At the Best Price from Bajaj Electricals


Well-lit interiors do wonders for the d?cor of your place. However, apart from adding to the aesthetic appeal, there are many other important reasons why we need electric LED lighting in an establishment. Well-lit interiors make a place safer, you become more aware of your surroundings, and they do wonders to keep your spirits cheerful. Today we are highly dependent on electric LED lighting and it is impossible to imagine our homes, offices and other public places without them.


Due to such a widespread use and requirement of lighting, the amount of electricity that is consumed by conventional lighting systems is significantly large. This is where the innovation of Bajaj LED lighting system, i.e. LED lights, LED light bulbs, LED lamps, and LED tube lights, come into place. We have developed a brilliant range of stellar LED lighting products that incorporate latest LED technology. This technology mainly aims to upgrade the lighting systems we currently use, so that there is increased energy efficiency, and therefore, is environment friendly.


Improved Standards of Technology


Our Bajaj LED range of lighting solution is widely known as one of the best in the market. We make no compromises on the standards we deliver in our products, and every product is manufactured with utmost care given to every component.


To make a general comparison, our 7-watt LED bulb delivers as much as 600 lumens more output than a normal 60 watts GLS lamp. All this while saving as much as 85% more electricity than conventional lighting systems. Due to the high standards maintained by Bajaj, our LED bulbs are able to last for an impressive lifetime of up to 25000 hours.


To further extend its excellent features, none of Bajaj’s LED lights use any chemical compounds that are potentially detrimental to the environment. This is in contrast to the compact fluorescent lighting or mercury lamps. Our range of LED lightning is also safe for domestic usage as it does not emit harmful radiation like ultraviolet light or infrared radiation, chronic exposure to which cause serious health complications.


Other Salient Features


Moreover, we in India face regular electricity related issues like power cuts or load shedding, especially in the non-metropolitan regions. Our range of Bajaj LED lightings is developed to deal with random voltage fluctuations or abrupt discontinuation of electricity. Many of electric LED bulbs have a built-in voltage surge protection mechanism, which safeguards it against surges up to 2 kV.


Bajaj LED lights consume less energy that adds to their safety mechanism, while keeping the electricity bills light on your pockets. All our products are reasonably priced and are budget friendly considering excellent features that are offered by our unique products. Buy LED lights online to light up your home, directly from our site and avail our various discounts and offers.