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Starting from ₹1,476
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Breakfast And Snacks Appliances
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Bajaj KTX 9 1L SS Non-Strix Kettle
₹4,000 ₹3,600 10% off
Bajaj Majesty Juicer One
₹3,300 ₹2,970 10% off
KTP 1.7 Gold
₹3,390 ₹3,051 10% off
Bajaj Majesty JEX 16 Full Apple Juicer
₹7,625 ₹6,862 10% off
Bajaj Majesty ATX 3 Auto Pop up Toaster
₹2,025 ₹1,822 10% off
Bajaj Majesty ATX 4 Auto Pop up Toaster
₹2,150 ₹1,935 10% off
₹2,050 ₹1,849 10% off
KTP 1.7 Silver
₹3,390 ₹3,051 10% off
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Shop for Bajaj Sandwich Makers and Toasters Online At the Best Price


Making breakfast, first thing in the morning is a juggling act for most households. Instead of skipping on the most important meal of the day entirely, you can use modern tools to save time and energy. Bajaj gives every family an option of simplifying the breakfast experience with their breakfast and snack appliances. The range of sandwich toasters and sandwich makers available come with the best options in pricing.


Pop-up Toaster


Their pop-up toaster is an easy tool to use. Children and adults alike can easily operate it. Unlike tawa-toasting, pop-up toasters brown the bread evenly without burning. You do not need to monitor the cooking unlike like stovetops. When toasted to perfection, these toasts pop-up perfectly. However, the major advantages lie within the choice of settings. You can customize the toast on your bread; this is great utility for breakfast enthusiasts.


Bajaj pop up toasters come with six adjustable settings, which allow you to brown the bread your way. It surely nicks some time out of your breakfast rituals.


Sandwich Maker and Sandwich Toaster


Who doesn’t like sandwiches? This versatile snack is the to-go favorite for most of the world. They are filling and scrumptious when done right. Now you can make the most delectable sandwich at home every day.


The difference between a good sandwich and a great sandwich is in the toasting and grilling. Traditional stovetop method does not give consistent results. However, there is a solution to this.


You can easily buy a sandwich maker online at great prices. Bajaj Sandwich Toaster and sandwich maker are the perfect appliances to get this job done in a jiffy. They are compact enough to prop anywhere on your kitchen top. They are also portable and easy to move.


Bajaj sandwich makers come with non-stick coated plates that make cooking and cleaning easier. These sandwich makers and toasters are a healthy alternative to opt for since there is no need for greasing – as done in the traditional fashion. It is a great way to promote less oil consumption for your family.


This modern appliance can save you a lot of trouble encountered while cooking. Operating it is easy; you plug in the power and wait for it to heat up before you pop in your sandwich. It gives you evenly cooked sandwiches every time. They are also highly versatile; so you can also prepare items like cutlets and waffles easily. Add a dash of creativity to your cooking with it.


Why go for Bajaj Sandwich Toaster?


Bajaj Sandwich toasters have a modern design, wherein they blend with your interiors while giving great utility. They sport with cool touch handle for easy holding. The general 2-year warranty is another great addition.


So go on, play with your cooking skills and delight your family with delicious sandwiches. To know the best sandwich maker prices available simply select from the online range of Bajaj sandwich makers and Bajaj sandwich toasters.