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Pop up Toasters
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Shop for Bajaj Pop up Toasters Online at the Best Price from Bajaj Electricals


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and is vital to keep your digestive system and metabolism on track. However, we often skip it in our race to get to work and choose to turn a blind eye towards the ill effects it may eventually cause. Therefore, there is nothing more important than having a quick fix of a breakfast in the morning and this is where the importance of a pop up toaster comes into play. A scrumptious breakfast of simple toast with jam or butter is enough to revitalize your dull mornings and kick-start your day on a healthy note.


Bajaj bread pop-up toasters and sandwich toasters are simplistic yet extremely convenient kitchen appliances. Pop-up toasters have a well-designed apparatus and mechanisms that enable you to fix a delicious breakfast in just a few minutes. We carefully consider every aspect required of an appliance so that it can be a perfect part of a modern kitchen. Our pop-up bread toasters have a compact design to maximize the utility of space in any kitchen. They are specially designed to have a contemporary aesthetic appeal with smooth rounded edges and simple contrasting colors.


Exceptional Technical Features


Bajaj pop-up toasters are incorporated with many straightforward technological features for the ease of its usage. Our pop-up toasters offer up to six browning levels for the bread, which can be set using a simple knob. There is an additional defrosting mechanism to ease matters further. Our pop up toaster even come with the mechanism to stop the heating process mid-way in a through a cycle to avoid over cooking or burning of the toasts. The pop-up toasters are constructed to accommodate bread slices with varying amounts of thickness with wider slot spaces.


Bajaj pop up toasters are available in both two slice and four slice model options. At Bajaj electricals, we give utmost priority to the safety of our customers as well as that of our gadgets. Since pop up toasters utilize high temperatures and internal heating coils that reach scalding temperatures, we have incorporated many innovative safety features to help you avoid mishaps or end up having to eat a burnt slice of toast in the morning. These measures include a well-insulated body structure that is made up of stainless steel and thermo resistant plastic, along with extra lift off for easy removal of hot toast, cool touch body housing etc.


A Handy Gadget


We have also meticulously worked on our pop up toasters so that they have minimal maintenance requirements. Our pop-up toaster models have many unique features, truly setting them apart. The objective is to make your job of preparing breakfast in the early morning rush hours an effortless affair. These features include a dust cover over the slots, bread centering guides, and easy slide out breadcrumb tray at the bottom. Even with so many brilliant qualities, our pop-up toaster prices are reasonable. You get added advantages of discounts and offers if you buy these pop-up toasters online from our official site.