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Gas Stove
Gas Stove

Gas Stoves

Shop for Bajaj Cooktops Online At the Best Price in India


An easy way to add a touch of color and sophistication to your kitchen is now a one-step solution, in the form of a variety of gas cooktops offered by Bajaj. From the traditional two burner to the efficient four-burner, Bajaj offers a wide range of cooking appliances with stylish, safe, durable and easy to clean gas cooktops for you to choose from.


These efficient gas cooktops will always be your kitchen’s multitasker. It gives you the ease of preparing two to four different dishes simultaneously thus making it a powerful tool for your kitchen. Its simplicity makes the cooking experience more enjoyable.


Consistent Distribution of Heat


Apart from offering great value for money, Bajaj blends style with stability for the best results. It offers a number of noteworthy advantages. Features such as temperature control, offer accurate cooking temperature by allowing you to immediately reduce or increase the flame with a simple turn of the knob. The flame of the gas stove is centralized for an even distribution of heat onto the cookware, thus making the food cook faster and evenly.


High on Durability


The Bajaj cooktops come with two to four burners – each burner of different type – high-power, simmer and wok being the common ones. The models come with stainless steel surface that are rust resistant, while the smooth and toughened glass surface makes them easy to clean. The grates that keep the pots and pans secure over the burner, are made of high quality materials such as cast iron, brass and thin steel, and provide high temperature resistance.


Designed for Safety


Bajaj gas stoves offer aesthetic and colorful packaging along with an elegant design, which gives it an edge. Bajaj cooktops are made keeping the Indian households in mind, and are perfect for Indian kitchens as they come with extended life, compact design and convenient functionality. Since the stoves are fueled by gas, safety is the utmost priority, and is well taken care of by Bajaj.. The gas cooktops are made of high quality materials, which adds to its reliability.




You can easily buy a gas cooktop without burning a hole in your pocket, as Bajaj cooktop prices are economical and targeted to the masses. You can choose it as per your requirements, two burner for average cooking whereas four burner is ideal for heavy cooking.


Available Online


Shopping for Bajaj cooktops is now much easier as you can simply browse, select and buy gas cooktop online. Select the best cooktop from the latest range from the comfort of your home. The desired cooktop will be delivered at your doorstep, thus minimizing the hassle of bringing it back home from the market.