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Premium Ceiling Fans
Being a reputed name in the fan industry, Bajaj Electricals has been adapting to your evolving needs and improving the designs of fans to suit your lifestyle and complement your home décor. From aesthetically pleasing colours to stunning designs, our offerings not only add artistic value to your home but also come with an array of technological features that ensure a healthy home. The Premium range of fans comes in four series, viz., Anti-Viral*, Anti-Bacterial* & Bye-Bye Dust*, Disney & Marvel and Designer Series.
Anti-Viral*, Anti-Bacterial* & Bye-Bye Dust* Ceiling Fans
In a first of its kind, the Bajaj Anti-Viral*, Anti-Bacterial* & Bye Bye Dust* Series fans come with an anti-viral and anti-bacterial coating, which reduces the concentration of specific tested virus and bacteria on the metal body, eventually eradicating them. These range of ceiling fans come equipped with the Bye-Bye Dust coating, powered by Advanced Polymer Technology. Not only does it deliver healthy air, these feature-rich fans also improve the aesthetics of your room, making it an excellent addition to your home.
Designer Series
The Designer Series fans complement your modern decor, improving the overall aesthetics of the room, making them the perfect addition to your modern homes! These fans also deliver high operating speeds and optimum air circulation, keeping you comfortable at all times.
Disney & Marvel Series
The Disney & Marvel Series fans from Bajaj will keep your young ones entertained and comfortable. These fans operate silently with low air-cutting noise, and are designed using a unique picture transfer technology, making the cartoon characters appear vibrant and life-like.
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