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bajaj led lights banner
bajaj led lights banner

Portable LED Lights

Buy Bajaj Portable LED Lights Online At the Best Price


Bad weather, frequent electricity shortages and power cuts are not rare phenomenon in India. Constant voltage fluctuations, power surges and abrupt disruptions in the electricity supply, more often than not, cause damage to our lighting systems. However, more importantly they interrupt our daily chores, wasting our precious time that could have been diverted to productive activities rather than whiling it away in the dark.


Therefore, using powerful portable LED lighting backups, in domestic as well as commercial establishments is a crucial requirement. Moreover, it is impossible to imagine camping or hiking trips in the wilderness without the safety of portable lamps. Portable lights in a way are a general necessity when it comes to sudden emergencies.


We, at Bajaj Electronics, have developed a highly commendable range of portable lighting systems. Bajaj portable lights are specially developed to incorporate many innovative features that set them apart. We make portable lights with LED as well as CFL options. One of the main features of our portable lights is its longevity, which is the result of smart utilization of 48 LED lights of 1500 mcd each. Each of these lights is arranged to extract the best light output, and are compact.


Our SMARTGLOW series of Bajaj portable LED lights also provide powerful traditional white compact fluorescent lighting.


Powerful Battery


Another important component of Bajaj portable lighting system is its battery; it is most crucial as well as most critically analyzed component of our product. Our larger portable lamps use heavy-duty sealed rechargeable lead acid batteries of up to 6 volts. These heavy-duty batteries can last up to 24 hours.


Our smaller handy portable lights and torches use dry rechargeable batteries that offer an impressive battery backup of up to 6 hours. These smaller Bajaj portable lights are capable of casting a strong beam of straight light, with a commendable range of around a kilometer. This is possible due parabolic reflective background behind the LED light. These lights are especially suitable for outdoors.


Super Convenient


In addition, Bajaj portable lights have brilliant structural design, and are constructed with careful consideration of all aspects like overall illumination, battery backup and convenience. All our portable lighting devices have an ergonomic design, with comfortable handles and easy wide bottoms that have a good balance.


Our SMARTGLOW series of portable lights sports a transparent design that allows a 360? illumination of the room. These lights also sport ingenious glow in the dark buttons on its panel for an enhanced display, so you are not struggling to switch it on in the dark. The smaller portable torches sport a tough and unbreakable ABS body, which is extremely lightweight for added ease of handling.


Bajaj prioritizes the safety of its gadgets. Therefore, most of our Bajaj portable lights have a built in overcharge and undercharge protection with a neon indicator. Moreover, Bajaj enables you to buy portable lights online, directly from our site. Here you can also take advantage of our various deals and discounts.