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Bajaj Home Essentials Lighting

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We probably only realize how much of an integral part lighting is in our life, when there are power cuts. Major chunk of the electricity we use is consumed for lighting up spaces. Everyone in every establishment be it in industries, at home or in public places, universally requires it. Lighting makes public place and roads safe. In industries and in commercial settlements, its main function is to inspire better focus and improved production standards. Lighting a space is also about expression. Modern day homes are lit according to the d?cor preferences of the people living there. All our festivities and our special occasion are incomplete without splendid display of lights.


Bajaj Electronics brings you the latest technology for a brighter and more efficient lighting system. Our systems provide both LED lights and portable lights of the highest standards. The LED lights range includes wall lights, kitchen lighting, and bulbs.


Bajaj bulbs are among the best in its category with a bunch of stellar qualities. The most important characteristic they have to offer is that they are environment friendly. They contain no mercury, no compact fluorescent lighting and do not emit any UV/IR radiations. Therefore, LED lighting is now generally preferred currently in comparison to other forms.


Energy Saving Efficiency


Another major advantage of our LED technology, which we have incorporated in all our portable and wall lightning systems, is that they consume very low amounts of electricity. Therefore, adopting Bajaj lighting setup will substantially save overall electricity consumption as compared to ordinary lighting system. Another common inconvenience faced by Indian homes is constant fluctuations in the voltage and abrupt discontinuation of power supply. They can cause a strain on the electrical equipment in the house, but our lights are safe from such adverse situations with ingenious voltage surge protection for up to 25 kV.


Other Salient Features


Among its other milestones, Bajaj also excels in the area of portable lighting. In fact, we have one of the best battery-powered lights in the market. These are mostly powerful LED lights and some are bright CFL bulbs that run on powerful battery. The dry operated battery sources can last up to an impressive 24 hours. These are built incorporating ergonomic designs for convenient handling and maximum output of light. Most of our portable LED lights are designed in a way that they have a 360? illumination along with many other salient features like glow in the dark buttons, built in overcharge and undercharge detection indicator.


All of our lighting systems are assembled with standardized and approved components of the highest quality ensuring the highest level of performance. Our customers can conveniently buy bulbs online along with all other Bajaj lighting systems. Moreover, you can avail added discounts and offers when you buy directly from our site.