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Pedestal Fan
Pedestal Fan

Pedestal Fan

Buy Bajaj Pedestal Fans Online At the Best Price in India


Pedestal Fans, also called as Stand-up Fans, are an easy way to beat the heat. They sport a long fan rod that is attached to a sturdy pedestal at the bottom. Pedestal fans are reasonably priced compared to other alternatives such as table fans or wall fans, and can be found easily in local markets. You can buy pedestal fan online and save yourself the additional trouble.


Their various benefits listed below make them an important cost-effective and energy efficient alternative to air conditioners.




The reason why they are so popular is due to its versatility. They are simple and can be used anywhere be it outdoors or indoors. This is due to their portable construction. Most pedestal fans come with castor wheels enabling them to move fuss-free from one area to another.




With no installation required, Bajaj pedestal fans are easy to use. All you have to do is plug in to the socket and switch on to start. Modern pedestal fans also are light compared to their old all-metal counterparts. It is a great choice, if your main aim is mobility.




Today the pedestal fans come in various design and colors. Bajaj pedestal fans are specifically created to meet the modern customer demands. From a wide variety of ranges, consumers can easily opt for the best pedestal fan.


In addition, the modern sleek design make it easy to place in areas, which face space-constraint.




Pedestal fans work in rotational movement. This feature makes it easy to cool wide area. They mostly have an oscillation of 90 degrees; some fans also feature vertical tilting for effective cooling.


Long Life


Bajaj pedestal fans are of sturdy make. They can be relentlessly used for several years. Bajaj pedestal fan can be used in bedrooms, lounge, terrace, etc. to provide gentle cooling.




Since they are sleek machines, they do not consume high power. They are reliable and are environment friendly. Some pedestal fans are noiseless, where you can enjoy its cooling power while you sleep.


Easy Maintenance


Fan blades get dusty and are susceptible to rust. Pedestal fans are easy to clean and maintain. They usually sport a removable grill that is unfastened to clean the blades. Cleaning should always be done after unplugging from the socket.


Speed and Height Control


Pedestal fans come with speed regulators to control the cooling and are height adjustable to match various requirements. Today, pedestal fans also feature remote controlled operation.


Ideal for Indian Weather


Thus, pedestal fans not only take care of various cooling requirements, they do so effectively. Their versatility and easy operation makes it ideal for Indian scenario. They can be easily placed in homes, offices, shops or outdoor lounging areas to eliminate the sweltering heat. In fact, most local social events see the organizers using this mode of cooling. They offer gentle cooling to the crowds without burning a hole in the pocket.