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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the most overlooked, yet significantly important appliances in our homes. We cannot imagine our lives without these engineering marvels; from designing the blades to crafting the body to not only deliver optimum operating speeds and air delivery, but also to improve the aesthetics of your room, the range of fans from Bajaj will make for an excellent addition to your house. Simple yet elegant, the Bajaj ceiling fans combine technological ingenuity with innovative design, providing effective cooling solutions that will both inspire and satisfy your needs. The fans offered by Bajaj also come in a wide range of colours, styles and prices. Protect yourself from the scorching summer heat by bringing home the Bajaj ceiling fan today!

Premium Ceiling Fans

Being a reputed name in the fan industry, Bajaj Electricals has been adapting to your evolving needs and improving the designs of fans to suit your lifestyle and complement your home décor. From aesthetically pleasing colours to stunning designs, our offerings not only add artistic value to your home but also come with an array of technological features that ensure a healthy home. The Premium range of fans comes in four series, viz., Anti-Viral*, Anti-Bacterial* & Bye-Bye Dust*, Disney & Marvel, Designer and Underlight Series.

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Ceiling Fans

The Performance range of fans from Bajaj provide optimum functionality, and are designed such that they complement the aesthetics of your room. To ensure you experience unmatched quality and elegance, this range of fans offer excellent performance with a classy finish.

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Ceiling Fan