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bajaj water heater
bajaj water heater

Buy Bajaj Storage Water Heater Online at the Best Price


Everyone craves for a warm refreshing bath after a long tiring day of work. It is soothing both physically and psychologically. This simple luxury is accessible to everyone with the Bajaj storage water heater. Moreover, our storage water heater range is an economic option as compared to other categories of storage water heater ranges available.


We have made our products more accessible and the process of purchasing, more user-friendly. Our customers can now buy storage water heaters online on our official Bajaj Electronic site. We offer several discounts on the storage water heater prices on our site, compared to other storage water heater prices in the market.


Superior Design


All our products prioritize proving excellent working efficiency due to the incorporation of various ergonomic design features in our storage water heater range. Since a storage water heater is continuously exposed to high temperatures and water, it is important to make sure that the interiors and exteriors are rust proof, and do not cause any thermal leakages.


Therefore, we have included various features like glass lined inner water tanks, thick heat exchanger of copper wire, and contemporary exterior designs made of thermo resistance plastic material. These are available in various sizes and colors for an attractive modernistic look. Our storage water heater models are available with a storage capacity up to 50 liters.


Advanced Technical Features


At Bajaj Electronics, we constantly strive to bring the best of technological innovations through our products. Apart from the fact that our customers can now buy a storage water heater online, we are constantly on the lookout to improve the functionality of our products, thereby delivering comprehensively on quality and performance.


Our range of storage water heaters is no exception. It offers a consistently good performance even over a long period, proven by the warranty timelines we provide. Few other technical features our storage water heater range has to offer include an auto ignition function, advanced combustion technology, and oxygen depletion sensors. Moreover, many of our products are incorporated with an advanced salt filter that eliminates excess contents of salts to lower the scaling and precipitation in the system. Our water heaters are built to handle higher water pressure and seamlessly function even in high-rise buildings.


Safety Comes First


Storage water heater can be subject to a lot of stress due to high water pressure and temperatures. It electrical components and wiring is also exposed to continuous amounts of high voltage and electricity. Therefore, when buying a good storage water heater, a customer should always give priority to the kind of safety provisions offered by the gadget.


Bajaj storage water heater is set with long lasting heating components along with fire-resistant cable. Most of them are set with dry heat protection, electricity failure protection and automatic over-heating safety switch that prevents unfortunate mishaps from taking place. Moreover, to accommodate ease of usage there is an easy adjustable external thermostat.