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bajaj heaters instant water heater banner
bajaj heaters instant water heater banner

Buy Bajaj Instant Water Heater Online at the Best Price


Make a smart choice and accentuate the allure of your ultra-modern bathroom with our Bajaj instant water heater range. Instant water heater range provides you with a luxurious experience of a warm invigorating bath without having to wait for the water to reach the right temperature.


Its technology allows you instantaneous access to water with the temperature of your preference within a few seconds. Our customers can now buy instant water heater systems directly from our Bajaj Electronics website. Bajaj’s instant water heater online prices are most reasonable compared to other instant water heater prices in the market. We also provide exclusive discounts and offers when our customers buy an instant water heater online.


Smart Technology


Bajaj Electricals is known for its excellent products, delivering on the promised performance. This comprehensive customer satisfaction is possible due to the incorporation of latest electronics technology in its products. Bajaj instant water heater range may sport many such technical features that give them an edge over other similar products in the market.


With an energy intake capacity up to 4.5 kilowatts, the instant water heater range comes with a long lasting heating element. An automatic flow sensor technology manages the regulation of the flow of water and adjusts water pressure according to your preference. The Bajaj instant water heater can also efficiently function in high buildings without any disruptions in the water flow.


Tankless Water Heater Design


Bajaj instant water heater ranges offer a perfect blend of ultramodern design and admirable performance. However, the design and built of the instant water heater play a more important role than just to improve aesthetics. The entire body of the water heater is made up of a robust thermo plastic material that protects it from the constant exposure to high temperatures.


The instant water heater system unlike the storage water heaters, has no tanks and therefore, cannot store any water. When you switch it on, it maintains a steady flow of water inside while heating it up according to your set preference. Bajaj Electronics offer one of the best tank less water heater ranges in the market. In addition to its thermo-resistant body, its elegant body shell is impact- resistant and provides thorough protection against rusting.


Convenience and Safety


We all buy gadgets with an ultimate goal of making our lives easier. Bajaj instant water heaters are constructed to ensure that you have a comfortable time using them, and their functionalities are easy to access. Some of the instant water heater models come with additional accessories, for example, a showerhead and a soap case. The showerhead also sports a thermostat with five different temperature settings.


They come with a simple neon indicator and an earthing facility that keeps the user safe as well as informed about the fluctuations in the electricity supply. Accentuating its safety further are its triple safety system, fire retardant cable, and a unique ELCB system.