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Dry Irons

Buy Bajaj Dry Irons Online At the Best Price in India

Ironing clothes is such an integral part of our daily routine that it is imperative to invest in a well-functioning and robust iron. Uniforms, formal wear, casuals and all apparel made of cotton need to be regularly ironed, for a chic and a sophisticated look. Dry irons and steam irons are ideal for this purpose. They have very low maintenance requirements and you can use them daily without any hassles.

Ergonomic Design

Bajaj dry irons have been carefully designed, with thorough consideration of all the aspects. Our dry irons have a slender ergonomic design that allows you to smoothen out all the wrinkles in your clothes seamlessly, while offering an aesthetically pleasing look. Some of our dry iron models have an innovative, patented structure. The range of our Insta Lift dry irons is popular as it incorporates an auto lift feature that immediately lifts off the front hot bottom of the iron once released, to eliminate the risk of burning clothes. Our other dry irons have a classic design that use a flat vertical stand which is perpendicular to the smooth ironing bottom. Overall, all our dry irons have a comfortable hand grip for an unperturbed ironing experience.

High Quality

The star component, however, in all our dry irons is the heating plate attached to the bottom. These plates have an elongated triangular design with a tapering end that allows you to smoothen out wrinkles evenly in slender pleats or tricky folds of clothes. All of Bajaj’s best dry irons have a non-stick coated sole plate. The coating is essential to eliminate as much friction as possible and to allow a plush finish to your ironed clothes. Moreover, its super clean surface finish requires almost no maintenance and is entirely resistant to rusting.

No Compromises on Safety

We have a few models of the dry iron which lean on the heavier side. However, the modern construction of a dry iron is a lightweight one for added convenience and for an easier glide. Since a dry iron is a gadget that reaches temperatures that are high enough to cause serious mishaps, it is crucial that all aspects for providing safety for the user as well as for the gadget are covered comprehensively. All our Bajaj dry irons assure all-round safety with a fully insulated stainless steel and thermoplastic construction of its body. They also have a mandatory safety thermal fuse that prevents the gadget from overheating when exposed to a constant supply of electricity. Moreover, Bajaj irons are approved by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and are conferred with an ISI mark of excellence.

Our products assure the highest level of quality and performance from every component. Therefore, we offer a warranty of varying timelines on all our products. Our customers can buy dry iron online from the wide range choices offered on our website. Our dry iron prices are quite reasonable with additional discounts available on purchasing from our website.