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Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cookers

Shop for Bajaj Pressure Cookers Online At the Best Price in India


For those who like cooking and spending time inside the kitchen experimenting with new dishes, the pressure cooker is one of the most important Kitchen Appliances. A specially designed lid traps the steam inside and lets the pressure build up. The higher the temperature, the faster the steam accumulates. This method makes cooking heavy meals more convenient.


One of the biggest advantages of using a pressure cooker is that it retains the essential nutrients and minerals while cooking the food item. This is because the water consumed by the cooker is very less as compared to the traditional methods of cooking. The Bajaj pressure cooker is considered the best pressure cooker in town. With it at your disposal, you can just leave the ingredients for cooking in the steam’s pressure while you can attend to other work.


Efficient, Faster, Healthier


The Bajaj pressure cookers are highly energy efficient as the time required for cooking is very less resulting in minimal energy consumption. With the heat trapped inside the cooker, the kitchen surroundings also remain comparatively cooler. The kitchen remains cleaner as the lid keeps the food items covered and prevents them from splattering on the walls.


Pressure cookers are made of different materials like aluminum and stainless steel. The stainless steel pressure cookers are the most preferred ones as the cooking is of a better quality. Using the stainless steel pressure cooker reduces the risk of falling ill through consumption of unhygienic food as it kills all the harmful microorganisms. Nearly all types of food can be cooked with the Bajaj pressure cooker. The food cooked in the pressure cooker is usually tender enough to be consumed by toddlers as well as elderly and sick people. Moreover, the food cooked in the pressure cooker retains the taste of the spices and other ingredients mixed with it. One of the most important things about the Bajaj pressure cooker is that you can adjust its temperature as per your requirement.


Multi-Purpose Equipment


The high heat of the pressure cooker is suited for caramelization and browning with all the rich flavors intact. You can also cook tough proteins such as chickpeas and beans in a Bajaj pressure cooker in lesser time. Rice usually gets done within minutes in the pressure cooker. Unlike the pressure cookers of the yesteryears, Bajaj pressure cookers do not emit high pitch screeching noise and they are protected against excessive build up.


What makes the Bajaj pressure cooker a great kitchen appliance is the automatic cooking feature that also comes with a keep warm function. An added delight with the Bajaj pressure cooker is the extra cooking pan. The main lid for covering the pressure cooker is made of stainless steel. The Bajaj pressure cookers are also suitable for use on the induction appliance. With an anti-bulging base and long-lasting basket, the Bajaj pressure cooker is quite sturdy and comfortable to use. The pressure level of the cooker is indicated with the pressure indicator. A range of pressure cooker price is available for your choice. With an amount that suits your budgetary requirements, you can conveniently select and buy pressure cookers online.