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Shop for Bajaj Cookware Online At the Best Price from Bajaj Electricals


We have all had to deal with burnt food, and made a scrambled egg halfway through making an omelet because it was stuck to the pan there was no other option. If the same happened when you tried to make dosas or any other delicious food experiment, then you need new non-stick cookware. Bajaj electricals brings you an amazing range of non-stick cookware, to aid you in all your cooking endeavors. These include sets of shallow frying non-stick pans, tawas and kadhais with glass lids. Each of these non-stick cookware items are available individually too.


One of the main reasons that you should opt for non-stick Bajaj cookware is because it is easy to maintain. Food and grease does not settle at its bottom and can easily be washed away with soap and gentle cleaning. This eliminates the need of the traditional “soaking” time for vessels with stubborn food stains, along with the physical efforts to remove them. Bajaj non-stick cookware saves both your effort and time, allowing you to complete your kitchen chores faster than you anticipate. These are therefore a boon in your busy lives, adding to the efficiency and output of your kitchen.

Robust Build


Many vessels start to thin out at the bottom with constant use. This causes uneven dissipation of heat in the vessel, leading to unbalanced cooking. In most of the cases, food ends up being burned or stuck to the bottom of the vessel. Bajaj non-stick cookware is made with thorough thermal evaluation and is constructed in a way that there is even heat dissipation around the pan. The cookware is also of appropriate and constant thickness (3mm), which ensures consistent performance even after a considerable usage.


The design of this non-stick cookware is sturdy with symmetric build and even thickness. Our non-stick cookware also has slender handles coated with shiny insulation and thermo resistant black plastic. The kadhai sports two handles, each on one side to balance its weight well and avoid unnecessary mishaps. Kadhais come with heavy glass lids and steam release openings, allowing you to peer inside and monitor the progress of your recipe, without disturbing the cooking process. These handles provide safety as well as add to the sleek look of the cookware. The handles and the glass lid not only provide convenience and safety, but also add to the attractive shape of the cookware.


A True All-Rounder


Another stellar feature of our range of Bajaj cookware sets is that they are specially developed to work efficiently on both induction cookers and gas stoves. This allows you versatility to choose your style of cooking and keeps your options open. Our non-stick cookware is coated with three layers of Whiteford non-stick coating from USA, ensuring unmatched quality. You can buy cookware sets online at an affordable price. We also offer added benefits and discounts when purchased directly from our site.