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Eco Friendly Ideas

Turning your office environment greener

We always think about making our homes greener, but what about our offices? Here are a few tips your office - the place where you spent most of your time in the week a little more greener.


With the amount of paper that is wasted in offices around the world, we regenerate an entire rainforest back again. To make sure your office isn't contributing to deforestation. Recycle paper and cardboard instead of throwing it in the garbage. Not only will you have to take out the trash less often, but the paper products can be recycled into paper again! The same goes with plastic. Instead of throwing away your plastic coffee cups either get mugs from home or sent those cups for recycling

Start Saving

With computers, lights, air conditioner and other systems working round the clock, offices are the biggest energy suckers. Install automatic lights that turn off when there is no one in the room can save energy in places where lights are commonly left on all day. Remember to turn off the lights before you leave for the day. Electronics such as computers can also be monitored. If a computer is not in use, can it be turned off, or put in sleep mode? Turn off computers overnight. Unplug unused appliances such as coffeemakers in the staff room when they're not in use.

Think healthy

Pick healthy and greener options at work. This will not only help the environment. If your office is close by instead of taking your car or the public transport, choose to go walking or cycle it to work. Instead of taking the elevator to work, try taking the stairs. This will not only help save energy but will also help you to burn the extra fat. If you work for a larger company talk to your Human Resources department about offering incentives for people who opt for environmentally healthy ways to get to work.

These are a few steps you can take to make your work place greener and more environment friendly. So what are you waiting for go out and be the change now!

How modern cell phone technology is helping environmentalism

With over half of the world's population owning a cell phone, mobiles have changed the paradigm of communication in the world today. From neighborhood school kids to baby boomers, today everyone owns a cell phone. But have you ever wondered how cell phones would help in spreading the message of environmentalism? Loaded with the state-of-the-art technology and apps, today's smartphones can turn anyone into an eco-warrior. Well here are 3 areas in which cell phones are being used to help the environment.

For cleaner air and water!

As mobile technology develops from leaps to bounds, some developers are looking to create apps that will help users to determine the levels of air and water pollution levels. Apparently in India, farmers are using their cell phones to operate irrigation system from afar.

Power to discover

If you're a nature lover and love discovering new things, then the cell phone can be the best tool you have at hand.Scientists are creating apps that let you take pictures of plants and animals you find when you're out in nature and then upload them to a central database where they will be analyzed for research. A new species could be discovered or new information on a known species could be collected. This type of information will be especially helpful as climate change affects habitats and species.

Smart Savings

Saving energy has been greatly simplified by smart phones. Apps for home energy management and conserving fuel abound. Home energy efficiency is often called the low-hanging fruit for helping to fight climate change and cell phones are making it easier than ever to achieve.

However these features are just a tip of the ice berg. Developers are looking out for various other revolutionary ways of saving planet earth. Till then just pick up your phones to fight the good fight for Mother Nature.