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Buy Bajaj Room Heaters and Coolers Online At the Best Price

The Indian weather conditions can be challenging. With the fluctuating external temperatures seeping into our homes and offices, maintaining comfortable temperatures indoors can be a hassle. However, you can adapt to these changes using temperature control appliances.

Bajaj offers various heating and cooling solutions developed to meet the Indian requirements. These room heaters and coolers lend you a cozy atmosphere at home or offices in any weather.

Air Coolers

Air coolers such as Bajaj Room coolers work by drawing stale hot air through moistened cooling pads and pumping fresh cool air out. Hence, Bajaj cooler consistently lends you an ambient temperature and helps in ventilation of stale air indoors.

Bajaj coolers are especially ideal for tropical Indian weather that majorly stays warm all year.

Green Alternative

These air coolers are not only a green alternative to typical ACs, they are also cost-effective. They come in various sizes and models to suit each requirement. The range includes water capacity of 32 liters, 17 liters etc.

Many of the Bajaj coolers models come with noiseless operation for seamless cooling. Easy to install in your home, they come with castor wheels that allow easy mobility around the house. With its powerful airflow, Bajaj coolers are among the best in its class offering air delivery in the range of 1500, 1750 cubic meters and so on.

Bajaj Coolers also come with three-speed blower control, four-way air deflection system for even cooling. Their corrosion free, thermally re-engineered plastic body is durable and low on maintenance. With its ultra-modern design, they look great in your home. You can enjoy cool atmosphere even in hottest of weather without any worries. What’s more, you can buy Bajaj coolers online and save yourself the trouble of visiting the showroom.

Bajaj Room Heaters

Electrical heating is the option for residential and commercial properties in regions where winters are extremely harsh. Offering the best heaters available, Bajaj helps you battle the chill with élan. The heating options available are Room Heater and Water Heater. These enable favourable living conditions without any hassles.

Types of Room Heaters

Room heater is used for heating in closed spaces. They come in various types such as convective heaters, radiant heaters and fan room heaters. Bajaj Heaters cater to different types of heating requirement.

Some of the options include thermostat, which provides a smarter way of heating up spaces. The thermostat cuts off power once the room is heated up to desired level. It shuts off when no more heat is needed thereby saving energy and reducing electricity consumption. Fan heaters are also a versatile heating variant for household purposes.