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Buy Bajaj Non-Electric Water Purifiers Online At the Best Price in India

Rest assured about availing purified water with the Bajaj non electric water purifier or RO water purifier process. These water purifiers can be used in households, offices, etc. for purifying contaminated water. However, unlike the other water purifiers, these do not use electricity to get rid of the harmful chemicals present in water. The non electric water purifiers are a smart investment to get purified water. Unlike the time-consuming traditional boiling method, the Bajaj non electric water purifier is well equipped to remove 99.99% of the germs and filter the water at a faster rate. The sediment filter of the non electric water purifier catches the germs and other harmful microorganisms, and activated carbon water purifier filters the water for ready drinking. The RO water purifier can get rid of silt, sand and other suspended matter.

The non-electric water purifier is suited for all sorts of environment, as it does not require a continuous supply of electricity. Also for those who do not have a regular supply of tap water or wall mounting for the filter, these non-electric filters are the best option.

State Of The Art Purification

Backed by the state of the art technology and latest innovations, Bajaj non electric water purifiers keep your health requirements at the forefront. These water purifiers work in 3 to 4 stages of water purification that efficiently remove the algae and parasite from the water. It is equipped for 99% turbidity removal.

The Bajaj non electrical water purifier purify water without use of any harmful chemical and hence is safe for your family. It works on an ultra-filtration membrane technology that effectively gets rid of all the harmful components in the water. Equipped with a germ lock technology, the Bajaj non electric water purifier ensures that your family will not fall sick due to water borne diseases.

The cartridges of the Bajaj non electric water purifier have a long life and has a well-built capacity. It is also equipped with a built in UFM flushing system that prevents the membrane from becoming foul. This also ensures that the quality of the water does not change, it remains odorless and colorless. These RO water purifiers pass the water through a semi-permeable membrane which helps filter out the contaminants, depending on the size.

Assured Safety

There is no compromise on the quality of the water with Bajaj non electric water purifier. These non-electric water purifiers feature an anti-overflow mechanism that prevents unwanted wastage of water. The water pitcher in the non electric water purifier is removable and features an auto fill mechanism.

Hence, these purifiers form an essential safety step for the health of your loved ones. Now you do not have to go to market looking for the water purifier as you can browse through a great catalogue of Bajaj non electric water purifiers online from the convenience of your home itself.