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Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial & Bye-Bye Dust Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans in our homes are usually breeding grounds for virus, bacteria and dust. While Virus and Bacteria can cause diseases, dust causes a challenge from a cleaning perspective. Being a pioneer in product innovation and design for decades, Bajaj Electricals has been adapting to evolving needs and improving the design of fans to provide an aesthetic appeal to your homes. Making a big leap in technology that ensures a healthy home, the Premium range of ceiling fans by Bajaj Electricals Limited introduces the Anti-Viral*, Anti-Bacterial* & Bye-Bye Dust* Series of Premium Ceiling Fans.

In a first of its kind, these fans have an anti-viral and anti-bacterial coating, which reduces the concentration of specific tested virus and bacteria on the metal body, eventually eradicating them and ensuring a safe and hygienic environment.

Furthermore, the range of Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial ceiling fans come equipped with the Bye-Bye Dust feature, powered by Advanced Polymer Technology. This prevents dust from accumulating on the surface, making it easier for you to clean the appliance. Our Anti-bacterial coating is the perfect choice for your home. From colours to aesthetics and astounding designs, we offer inspiring, stunning and elegant marvels for your home.

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Harrier Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial BBD:
The Harrier fans come equipped with aerodynamically balanced blades to provide High Speed Performance and can even operate at low voltages. These easy-to-maintain fans also have unique décor ornament that suits the room décor. While its metallic finish improves the aesthetics of your room. The Harrier fans come in four different colours: Honey Brown, Pearl Grey, Silky White and Electric Blue.
Euro NXG Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial BBD:
The EURO NXG fans are also coated with anti-bacterial and anti-viral coating, which ensures that your fan stays safe. The metallic finish ensures that the fan has a super clean look, further improving the aesthetics of your room. Furthermore, the strong 14-pole motor of the feature-rich ceiling fan ensures its reliable operation. The EURO NXG fans come in three colours: Cobalt Blue, Chocolate Brown and Drupe Green.
Elegance Royale Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial BBD:
The Elegance Royale fans are stylishly designed to complement the modern decor of your house. The anti-viral, anti-bacterial & bye-bye dust features ensure that the fan stays protected. Furthermore, the quick start high-torque motor of the fan provides instant comfort, while the fan’s double ball bearing ensures greater load-bearing capacity. The Elegance Royale fans come in two distinct colours: Cinnamon Brown, and Chocolate Brown.
Floweret Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial BBD:
The Floweret fans are coated with anti-bacterial and anti-viral coating, which add to the high aesthetic appeal of the fans that bring you the best of design and technology. With a unique stationary bottom cover, these fans have metallic finish which improves the overall décor of your room. In addition to this, Floweret fan series provides higher air delivery. The Floweret fans come in two colours: Chocolate Brown and Duck White.
Junet Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial BBD:
A rare dual tone colour finish fuse with contemporary diamond shape trims lends the feature-rich fan a unique look that enhances the ambience of your space, thereby creating a distinctive style statement. The full aluminium body prevents the fan from corrosion and provides strength and durability. Coated with anti-bacterial and anti-viral coating, these high-performance fan blades provide high air delivery. The Junet fans come in three colours: Autumn Mist, Blackcurrant and Astronaut Blue.

Anti-Viral Coating

Anti-bacterial Coating

Bye-Bye Dust feature

Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial & Bye-Bye Dust Ceiling Fans
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