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Introducing the stylish, powerful, and efficient range of Air Coolers for those who only settle for the best. Equipped with advanced air blower and cooling technologies, Bajaj Air Coolers will fit seamlessly into your rooms for maximum comfort on hot summer days.

Choose from assorted Desert, Personal, Window, and Tower coolers that seamlessly blend in with your home’s interiors. Switch them on and unleash a pleasant cool breeze as if straight from the great snowy peaks of vibrant Kashmir valley.

Bring the natural cool winds of mountains to your home packaged as a new Bajaj Air Cooler. Explore our range of products and go through the summer season like you are on vacation!

Desert Coolers

Switch to cool breeze on-demand with powerful and efficient Bajaj Desert Coolers that come with large tank capacity for uninterrupted use. Choose from these big indoor Air Coolers that come with powerful air throw and impeccable cooling capacity to beat the excruciating summer heat. Low on maintenance, high on looks and performance - Bajaj Desert Coolers will be your best friend in the summer season.

Personal and Tower Coolers

Choose from our range of compact and powerful Air Coolers to effectively cool your rooms during the summer season. Bajaj's Personal and Tower Coolers are the perfect combination of modern design and high-performance cooling. Move them with ease anywhere you like and experience a refreshingly cool breeze to beat the heat.

Window Coolers

Air Coolers that fit seamlessly into your room and give effortless cooling during the hottest summer days. Bajaj's Window Coolers make your room look good and spacious as they fit neatly in the window space, and cool tirelessly when it comes to performance. Choose your Bajaj Window Cooler that will be a companion for many summer seasons to come.

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Buy Bajaj Air Coolers Online At The Best Price


Global warming has led to drastic climatic changes, hence the summers in India are of longer duration and hotter. Both humidity and dry heat are elevated by the deteriorating environmental conditions. With the onset of summer, ailments like heat strokes and dehydration arise. Skin irritations due to profuse sweating is another commonality. Hence, just fans in our homes and workplaces do not suffice anymore to create a comfortable living ambience.


Powerful Air Throw


Keep your homes and workplaces cooler and cozy in piping hot summers with Bajaj air coolers. The highlight of our air coolers lies in their powerful air throw as well as distribution, which can reach as high as 5600-meter cube per hour on peak. This means that the air from these air coolers can travel as far as 50 feet. The airflow can be regulated with the three-way speed control system and some models offer a remote control for easy operation.


The efficient four way deflection swing allows uniform airflow throughout the air and even offers a special bed-level airflow function. Other stellar features that most of our air coolers offer include a large water tank (43 litres), an ice chamber, and a float valve.


Great Features


Offering convenience is one of the strengths of Bajaj air coolers. Most of our models have castor wheels for easy mobility. They also sport an auto water level and a neon indicator. The air coolers come with a water inlet opening and overflow set up. The circuits used in our air coolers are long-lasting and robust, and are invertor compatible.


The secret to the long life of a air cooler is always good maintenance. Therefore, we have incorporated innovative features in our air coolers that make it easy to maintain. Bajaj air coolers sport removable pads that you clean easily. The addition of a handy drain plug in some models allows systematic drainage of stagnant water from the system.


Modern Design


Another outstanding strength of the Bajaj air coolers is its well-constructed design. They are visually appealing with their sleek and ultra-modern construction and are made of high-grade plastic that is thermally engineered. They are corrosion resistant and can tolerate exposure to humidity and water.


Bajaj Air Coolers – A Pocket-friendly Solution


It offers a practical and a highly effective performance at a reasonable price. We focus on offering you the latest and the most viable technological advancements in our air coolers. We provide you with the highest efficiency and performance while keeping in mind limitations like electricity bills and consumption.


Our customers can buy air coolers online at their convenience at our website. This service saves loads of effort on manual browsing and delivery. You don’t even have to step into the harsh heat. Choose our air coolers at best prices, sitting on your couch and even benefit from our special offers and discounts.