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Kitchen chimneys have been a part of architecture for time immemorial. We are familiar with stone and wood kitchen chimneys that form an integral part of the somber and timeless appeal of quaint ancestral homes. However, they have much more to offer than aesthetic appeal. Chimneys are the breathers of our kitchen, performing the same function that the lungs do in our body. They are vital for a well maintained and a healthy kitchen. Modern and contemporary kitchen chimneys use electricity to suck out the fumes and smokes, playing an indispensable role in circulating fresh air while you cook.

Bajaj chimneys offer the best of both worlds, with a careful balance between the modular look and high performance. We incorporate cutting-edge technology in all our kitchen chimneys and kitchen hobs, significantly extending their functionality. These technologies include powerful suction power (up to 100 m3/hr). Powerful kitchen chimney suction is a useful convenience in Indian homes, as our cuisine involves a lot of tempering of pungent spices, constant hot steam from our pressure cookers along with natural climatic humidity and heat.

A Healthier Environment

Another technical advantage that Bajaj chimneys provide is efficient ventilation and keeping a constant supply of fresh air in the kitchen. Some might argue that exhaust fans do the same, but the process there is much slower one and it is not very effective when it comes to preventing the accumulation of smoke, oil and steam stains on your kitchen walls. Kitchen chimneys provide comprehensive kitchen care, protecting your beautiful kitchen appliances, walls and furniture. Such speedy filtration, suction and re-ventilation processes are possible due to the many important components such as baffle filter, aluminum grease filters and charcoal columns.

This right combination of kitchen chimneys and kitchen hobs is necessary for each of them to reach their maximum functionality. We at Bajaj Electronics offer perfect kitchen chimney and kitchen hob combinations that will seamlessly fit in to your modern interiors. Hobs come in different types, ones that can be permanently fitted in your counter tops, ones with electric sparks and ones with multiple layers for multi-tasking. They are made of high durability steel or robust plastics, and are easy to clean and maintain. A few of our chimneys have modernistic lights along the edges for an advanced futuristic look for your kitchen. Together, they help you keep your kitchen hygienic and let you have a safer and healthier working environment.

Extensive Options

Our customers can easily choose from myriads of options available on our site and conveniently order any model best suited to their needs from the convenience of their homes. All our products are affordable and durable. We offer some of the best kitchen chimney prices in the market. It is our endeavor to cater to every minute need of the customer, provide maximum cost efficiency and high performance at a reasonable price.

Buying our products online offers you the comfort of selecting from a wide range and additional benefits through discounts.